How to Make a Stress-Relief Home (2)

How to Make a Stress-Relief Home (2)

Our daily lives are packed with stress – kids, work, traffic, deadlines, the list is truly endless. While a bit of stress is fine, too much can have a harmful impact on your mind and body. So putting in the time and energy to reduce the stress in our lives is incredibly important.


The good news is that there are plenty of different things that you can do on a daily basis that will help you create a home full of stress relief. While it is nearly impossible to eliminate the stress in your life, creating a relaxing sanctuary in your own home is a great way to help to cut down some of life’s more stressful moments.

Bring The Spa To Your Bathroom

Creating a sanctuary within your home is an excellent way to create stress relief. Our spaces have a huge impact on our moods, emotions, and overall mental state. Think about how calming the inside of your favorite salon can be. They are usually tidy, softly lit, with inviting smells and calming sounds. Turning your bathroom into an at-home spa is a great way to make your own space more inviting and soothing. Keep your bathroom socked with calming oils, luxurious bath products, and other odds and ends that help to promote a warm and welcoming space.


Keep Cozy Things Throughout Your Home

Soft, cozy blankets, warm and soothing candles, and other sensory-friendly objects within your home bring a great amount of stress relief into your home. Curling up with a comfy blanket at the end of a long day is a very effective way to unwind. Chunky knits are great for the winter months, and a light summer blanket is perfect for when it gets a bit warmer. The other cozy things that you keep around your home should suit your needs. If you love listening to a few jazz records while you de-stress, keep a record player and a few favorite vinyls nearby. The most important thing to keep in mind to choose things that create a calming experience.


Keep It Simple

Minimalistic spaces help to keep your mind clear and free of stress. Choosing minimalist furniture, natural textures, and neutral tones throughout your home keep the visual noise to a minimum. Simple spaces give you the freedom to relax and unwind. By keeping a home that is free and clear of too many objects and colors, distractions are kept to a minimum. This is great for those who need a space free of disturbances in order to relieve some of their stress.


Embrace Simple Experiences

Taking a long bath, enjoying a glass of wine, even just sitting down with a magazine or good book are all examples of simple moments of peace and gratitude that you can enjoy throughout your day. Stress-relief does not have to be a grand gesture. In fact, it is much more effective when we incorporate small, consistent reprieves throughout the day. Taking a few minutes throughout the day to do things that you actually enjoy allows you to take a break from the things that you feel obligated to do – which can be a significant source of stress.


Final Thoughts

Making your home full of stress relief is not a hard task at all. The chances are that you won’t even have to make any substantial changes or purchases – just a few tweaks here and there to help remove some of the things in your home that contribute to your stress. So which of these tips do you think will have the biggest impact on how to make your home stress-free?

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