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Snuggle Sac was established in the UK in 1999 by its founder, Tina. The “Snuggle” represents a hug, which is what Tina felt when she first encountered with her husband. It also symbolizes Tina’s first crush in her youth.

The meeting between Tina and her husband was a beautiful coincidence in their youth. When Tina’s husband recited Tagore to her, he expressed endless love. However, his eyes were filled with warmth but a hint of melancholy, as depicted in the poem. Their love was not blessed by their families and faced many obstacles.

Despite the challenges, the two decided to embark on a farewell trip in the beautiful scenery of Scandinavia. During their journey, Tina discovered the beauty of nature in the serene lakes and experienced the grandeur of love in the majestic mountains and rivers.

Tina and her husband made the brave decision to overcome all difficulties for the sake of their love, even if it meant giving up everything. The road to entrepreneurship was incredibly difficult for the couple. They faced numerous hardships and endured harsh winters, but eventually started seeing some results.

They now have a small business and a family with two sons. Their journey was not easy, but they supported each other and always yearned for a breakthrough. Fortunately, they had the chance met with Shadow Wang (the Creator of Woven Knit Throw) at Fair in Frankfurt. After extensive research and collaboration, they successfully created the warmer, softer, and more classic feather yarn knitted blanket for Snuggle Sac.

Life is short, and the couple, who were not accepted by their families, created a warmth of love through their actions in the snowy winters, in a world that seems to be approaching its end.

“ Let my love like sunlight surround you and yet give you illumined freedom.”— Rabindranath Tagore

Snuggle Sac provides you with the warmth of being surrounded by love. Please bravely pursue your love in this limited life.


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