How to Make a Stress-Relief Home (1)

How to Make a Stress-Relief Home (1)

Our daily lives are packed with stress – kids, work, traffic, deadlines, the list is truly endless. While a bit of stress is fine, too much can have a harmful impact on your mind and body. So putting in the time and energy to reduce the stress in our lives is incredibly important.


The good news is that there are plenty of different things that you can do on a daily basis that will help you create a home full of stress relief. While it is nearly impossible to eliminate the stress in your life, creating a relaxing sanctuary in your own home is a great way to help to cut down some of life’s more stressful moments.


Start By Creating An Area For Relaxation

With so many things going on, it can be incredibly challenging to find a quiet space within your home to get away from the daily chaos. Dedicating a space in your home that is completely devoted to relaxation and de-stressing. Adding a lightweight summer blanket, a relaxing candle, and a few books is a great way to set up the space.


Bring The Outside In

Adding a bit of greenery and other natural elements into your home can have an incredibly positive effect on your mood. Just think about how calming and soothing it can be to go for a walk. But, unfortunately, most of us don’t have the opportunity to spend a great deal of our time outside. Therefore, bringing a few plants and other nature-inspired pieces into your home can help to mimic these effects when you’re spending time inside.


Use Calming Tones

Color can have an impactful effect on your mood and emotional state. Some colors, like red and yellow, can increase blood pressure – possibly leading to higher levels of emotional stress. Painting your walls in neutral or muted tones can help to set a stress-free vibe in your home and set the stage for the rest of your décor.


Get Rid Of The Mess

Having a few things lying around the house is not only completely understandable, but it’s also totally normal! However, being surrounded by unorganized pules throughout your home can have devasting effects on your stress levels. Keeping a stress-relief home is hard to accomplish with too much clutter. A great way to eliminate the clutter is to throw away things that you no longer need or don’t like. Clothes, shoes, toys, anything that no longer has a purpose in your home should be tossed.


Take Advantage Of Good Lighting

Harsh white and blue lights keep us awake at night and create a harsh cast in our homes. However, sunlight can be energizing and promotes much more positive energy within the home. At night, using soft pink bulbs helps to create a warmer glow. These softer tones are much more soothing and calming, which helps to keep stress levels low. The power of good lighting and natural light is often overlooked, but it plays a significant role in our mood. If you’re still in doubt, consider countries in the northern hemisphere that experience decreased exposure to sunlight during the winter months. Many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as a response to fewer hours of sunlight and shorter days.

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